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  • What is the difference between demo & full version of your products?

    when you download any product from the website. Its a full version but only difference is that without registration number it will work as a DEMO version (in DEMO version you can get limited functionally). Whenever you enter your registration number which is given by us, your software will be converted into full version for that pc.

  • I dont have credit card. How can I purchase your products?

    You can remit in our HDFC Bank accout by cash/cheque/D.D. for more information contact us on : +91 78180 80908. Go to our order page.

  • If I will pay by Cheque/Cash/Bank Transfer, when I will get registration number?

    When you pay by Cheque/cash/bank transfer you will get activation after getting credit of your payment by our bank.

  • After purchasing any product, what is the procedure to get registration number?

    After getting the confirmation of your payment, you have to send your product number (which is display in registration window, when you start the software) to us either by email on or SMS on +91.9825551889. When we get your email/SMS we will send you registration number by same way. Enter this registration number to the provided space in registration box then press Register button and your activation is completed.

  • I dont have internet connection on the computer in which your product running, how can I register your product on that computer?

    Then you have to note the product number from your non internet connected PC & Email it from any place. We will Email you the registration number, you have again note it and enter it on non internet connected PC. The remaining procedure will be remaining same as above Question.

  • Demo version asks me to enter registration number every first time. What to do?

    It is gentle reminder to get register our products after you satisfy. To evaluate any products you do not need to enter registration number or anything in this box. Just click DEMO button. It will work as DEMO version.

  • Can I use Bank Transfer to purchase any product?

    Yes, you can use Bank transfer to purchase any product. If you are from India then Please contact us on +91.9825551889. If you are not from India then you can remit in our HDFC Bank account by Cash/Cheque/D.D.

  • Which are the payment options available to purchase your products?

    You can purchase any product by credit card or if you dont have credit card, you can send DD/Cheque to Multiicon payable at Rajkot(Gujarat-India) or you can also online bank transfer into our HDFC bank account. See more details about our bank go to order page.

  • Does any software registration number is for limited period?

    No Renewals, you can install software multiple times with given registration number into that same perticuar PC/HDD. Given registration number will not works into another PC/HDD.

  • Can I use my PayPal account?

    Yes, we have business account in PayPal. our PayPal ID :