Candlestick Scanner

This application scans, identifies & alerts the user for all the major candlesticks patterns. It has been specifically designed for the detection of all the major Candle sticks patterns & allows user to create their own candle stick indicator with their own preference of multiple time frames.


Candlestick Pattern

Pattern List

Overview of 32 various types of patterns is available here with all the major scripts covering the major markets & with different multiple time frames.


Watch List

In this the user can set their preferred candlestick patterns, with their choice of script & time frames & thus can see the movements of their choicest patters in this option.


Smart Alert

This is one of the option which gives timely alerts to users for their preferred/selected patters with the pre decided time frame & thus alerts the users at that specific moment when the particular & preferred candlestick is created.


Dynamic Filter

This facilitates users to filter their choices of their preferred market along with the scripts of their choice and the decided time frames & further users are alerted when the particular patter is formed in their choice of filters.


Technical Analysis

Detailed analysis of selected patterns with the desired time frames & choice of market after it is observed in the watch list for the full day & considering the previous 10 sessions , the market pattern of these patterns are assumed.



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