Innovative Start-Up

Innovative Start-Up

Every new startup here is a result of various brilliant brains that joined hands to make each other’s ideas stronger; complement each other’s thinking; nourished them with all of our souls, created a brand, worked on it & that’s how these multi icons were framed. We love welcoming the people whose conversations starts from “What if…? That’s how we create the kinds of startups that few ever imagine.

News On Screen

Motto behind this is to spread positive news in the society and generate that vibe so that even the readers get that kick to achieve something and the positive energy spreads all around.

Jumbo Job

This platform is started with an idea of building a bridge between ideotechnology world & campus. Idea is to bring a platform for job placement & business placement for all those brilliant brains who have the innovative business startup ideas. We hold them with their need of support & make them touch the sky with our participation and assistance.

Donate Saturday

This is our unique startup which has a motto to spread awareness among people for donating one day for other human beings, this can be in any form. The idea is to be helpful to society along with managing our own life. Together we can bring the change in the surrounding & make our life more meaningful.

India Legend

This portal is introduced by our founder with an aim to identify and promote the real hidden talent of India. This can be in any field, in any form , from ground to a celebrity. Idea is to give recognition to those brilliant gems in the country who deserves it.

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