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Now easy for me to draft Gujarati letters through your Eng2Guj Software

- Nitin S.Ramanuj (Palanpur)

Your all the products found excellent

-Kanu C. Parmar (Surat)

Eng2Guj software is great achievement for you to help the gujarati peoples Your

-Virendra Pala (Vadodara)

English to Gujarati software is very good

-Nandita chouhan

Your given help in English to gujarati software is very useful factor for new user

-Bipin Gajjar (Mumbai)

Great Software

-Rita Dalal (Keshod)

Type Gujarati with English key board is magic

-J.V.Marfatia (Mumbai)

Very Good Product

-Asagari Hararwala (Ujjain)

Very Helpful product for Hindi user

-Niranjan Sampat (Patana)

Your all the products found excellent

-Kanu C. Parmar (Surat)

Product is really good and helpful

-B.N.Sharma (New Delhi)

E2H Character Convertor Software is very helpful tool for Hindi typing

-Bakul B.Raval (Porbanadar)

Cost wise very law and work wise Paisa Vasul

-Zakir Kuresi - Bhopal (M.P.)

After some practice software will become very helpful tool for hindi typing

-Mannchanna Moorthy (Bangalore)

Your Hindi converter is very good. Can you provide me arbic converter?

-Bindra Soyan - Dubai (UAE)

How many languages converter you are having? I want to purchase all. I have purchased your Hindi converter and now hindi typing is very easy for me

- Bindra Soyan - Dubai (UAE)

Wow, What a time saver !!! I used to spend half an hour to read the news, now it takes just 10 minutes.. Great job done budy.. Thanks.....

- Vishal Parikh

Excellent…Excellent…Excellent…That’s all what I want to say about News on Screen

- Rupesh Raja

Thank you so much bro….You guys are doing great job…With limited time, this is the best platform to be in touch with rest of the world....

- Saji Thomas

I want to highlight one point here.. When I surfed your site first time, I was to close it after 2 minutes of reading. Then when I read your FAQs, I got whole idea. Your FAQs section is short and effective to the point explaining all the doubts at one go.. From that 2 minutes, now I am regular reader of News on Screen

- Nadine D`Souza

What an idea ! No need to run around many sites, news served at your desk.. great job done sir

- Jayesh Patel

Highly appreciated this software…I don’t mind paying for it if it was chargeable.. Thanks for offering free of cost

- Kishan Shah

What a customer friendly software…No nuisance value.. all the setting options given so that it does not disturb you if you so desire…Enjoying thoroughly.

- M. C. Agrawal

So nice of you Mr. Multiicon…In fact, I visited your website and seen demo of many of your software…. Liked your few software and approach.. always customer friendly and cheap too….best of luck for all your future ventures..Insa Allah...

- Abdul Rahim

News on Screen itself is something new and worthy of appreciation.. I promise, I would spread to all contacts in my address book about this software.. This is wht little bit I can do for u

- Meghna Pandit

All the newspapers in my pocket now…hahahaha…Hey mate, seriously what a green concept.. I am sure Eco friendly people like me will very much appreciate it… …Thank you sir

- Venkat Iyer

Quality of print on mobile is excellent.. I was a bit skeptical before downloading it but now enjoying it very much…Thanks…

-Lobo, The Great

Right Hand software is working same as our right hand

-Sonu Bairagi (Indore)

Your all the products found excellent

-Kanu C. Parmar (Surat)

Product is really good and helpful

-B.N.Sharma (New Delhi)

Right Hand Software is totally office assistant software

-Sukhbindar Chhabara (Noida)

Solved my problem with my regular office works

-Nitu Ghosh (Kolkata)

Your Right Hand Software is one of the best software in the market

-S.K.Nair (Chennai)