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"Nothing is constant in this world except CHANGE" , In this dynamic world; change is the only permanent phenomenon”. Human beings by their very nature are always curious and endeavor to know about the changes happening around them. With the invention of Computers and Mobile phones, the pace of change has increased and thus has made it difficult for humans to cope up with the changing situation around them. With thousands of newspapers, news channels and millions of websites to choose from, man is overburdened with the overload of data and information. This has somehow led to restlessness for selecting the platform of your choice in terms of news.


It is at this juncture, MULTIICON , the company known for its innovative problem solving skills and low cost IT solutions comes to the rescue of 21st Century’s overburdened man in the form of FREE OF COST software called “News on Screen”.


News on Screen is the FREE OF COST software that can be downloaded in Personal Computer and/or you GPRS mobile phones in few easy steps. It helps you to get your favorite news from your favorite news papers on a constant basis, thus offering comfort to read the news at your own time and convenience. Moreover, it provides the facility of reading the news in the language you want and in the device of your choice. Now, you don’t have to visit multiple websites and channels in order to get in touch with the news of your choice, our software will do this work for you. So, simply download the software and enjoy the smooth flow of news forever.

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