Whatsapp is gearing up to take the message application up-the-notch, by making it an efficient tool for easy and effective communication for businesses through its business app. Reportedly, Whatsapp business app has made its debut and is available for free, but it might soon be charged for larger enterprises.

Buzz about making the globally popular mass messaging application – Whatsapp more efficient and useful for businesses, have been around since a while now; and finally, Whatsapp has officially declared that it will offer a free app for small to medium businesses.

This feature will help businesses and companies in developing a better customer communication platform. As per Whatsapp chief operating officer – Matt Idema, the business app is designed for small businesses and addresses the three challenges of lack of a business profile, managing messages at scale and managing customers at one place. Facebook owned messaging app has officially announced that they will offer free app for small-to-medium sized businesses but they do intend to charge businesses in future. The cost or figure hasn’t been revealed yet, but Whatsapp says that they want to help small business whereas they could levy charges from bigger businesses like airlines, banks and ecommerce websites.

The app will also facilitate artificial intelligence robots for better functionality and transactions within organisation. That is not it, Whatsapp has also announced the ‘verified business’ accounts feature which will help users to distinguish them from personal accounts and fakes. A green tick mark against any business account will indicate that the company has confirmed the phone number of the account to a business account. The testing phase of Whatsapp Business app has already begun in India and as per reports, companies like BookMyShow, Ola and Oyo are the first business clients in the country. Being able to integrate business conversations with Whatsapp will step up the way we do business, and it will be worth the money, I suppose.