Image source: Shutterstock

Scientists at NASA have deduced that installing gigantic magnetic shields on the dead and cold Red planet can give it the liveable atmosphere back. It is said that Mars lost its magnetic field some 4.2 billion years ago which eventually resulted into ripping off of its atmosphere due to solar wind and storms. Mars is dry and dreary now, but once it had a rich atmosphere with oceans gushing over the Martian crust.

Over the time, there have been many speculations about possibilities of terraforming Mars from designing a protective shell to breaking the Martian crust to release CO2. Scientists have now come up with a new phantasm to terraform Mars using magnetic shields. Mars’ magnetic field once protected the planet’s atmosphere and if that can be restored artificially, then Mars could be terraformed.

Research teams at NASA have recently conducted simulations using artificial magnetosphere and they found that a dipole shield can protect Mars against solar wind and help to balance of the Martian atmosphere. The atmosphere will then eventually thicken up making it much more life-friendly on Mars.

This could be a further step towards re-birth of our neighbour deserted Red Planet.