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Robots occupying the military areas with weapons is still a far really far-fetched idea but India doesn’t want to lag behind in arming its army up with up-to-date Artificial Intelligence and robots that could help and do the dirty military tasks.

The robots designed at IIT Mumbai will assist the military to improvise explosives and land mines from remote areas. The bots will also help to peep at the remote inaccessible areas with the use of their high-resolution cameras. Indian Army aims to operate a third of its operations using bots which might seem an intrusive goal but even if 10% tasks would be handled by drones, that would translate to roughly 1 lakh robots which seem quite achievable. The robotics market for defence in India might touch over a whopping Rs. 68,000 Crore annually!

Omnipresent Tech recently flew drones as part of Border Security Force (BSF) and army trials and we learnt that the defence and security sector is expected to use over 100,000 drones in the coming decade. In addition to bots for the armed forces, “botic” boats and submarines will be used by the navy.