Ever since Reliance Jio was launched, the Indian telecom market has been unravelled and one of the biggest contenders who has been battling eyeball-to-eyeball with Jio is Bharti Airtel. And here they are with a plan to introduce 4G handset, just like Jio did recently – because why not. Reportedly, Bharti Airtel is said to be talking with multiple handset makers to build affordable 4G smartphone which will cost about Rs 2500 to Rs 2700. Not much has been revealed about the new phone yet and Airtel doesn’t wish to comment on market speculation. But all we know is that it has to be one hell of an offer to stand against the ‘effectively free’ JioPhone.

Yet, how many phones can Indians buy after all, because JioPhone reportedly garnered over 6 million pre-orders in just 3 days! So is there still any room for more phones? Well we don’t know but it is getting out to be a mega telecom bonanza for Indian customers and we are way past the overcharged calls and internet bills, thanks to none other than Jio. But the factor that manages to make Airtel standout among others is perhaps its quality, I’d personally pay a few more bucks rather than compromising with quality, and probably most people will go for the same – so there goes the ‘room’ question answered to some extent.

Oh and that is not all Airtel has to offer next, it is said that the 4G phone will come bundled up with 4G connections and several other ‘attractive’ data offers. So that is their plan. We have no idea about features and specifications of Airtel’s handset, but the company believes that despite being little expensive than JioPhone, “people would be ready to shell out a little more to get a loaded handset.”. It is believed that the new smartphone might be launched sometime around Diwali, because Diwali is all about new launches and mega offers and sales and so just stock up with some money and anticipation.